Captain Rodney's Tennessee Whiskey Barbeque Rub

Captain Rodney's Tennessee Whiskey Barbeque Rub

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6 ounces

Centuries ago, in the Caribbean, pirates developed a way of preserving wild boar for their long sea voyage, seasoning the meat with wines and spices, while slowly cooking over allspice wood.  The result was a delicious meat they called "Boucan".  These pirates were called Boucan-neers, or as we know them today, "buccaneers".  Our rubs capture the spirit of the boucan-neers in a great tasting, easy to use form.  Our Boucaneer Spirit Tennessee Whiskey Barbeque Rub uses real Whiskey to add a kick to the rub that will keep you, and your guests, coming back for more.

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Paprika, Spices, Natural Smoke Flavor, MSG, Celery, Extractives of Spice, Natural whiskey Flavoring, Red pepper, Soybean Oil & Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking.

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