Greenbox Holiday - Two Cardinals In A Pine Embellished Mini Framed Canvas

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Cody Blomberg
Embellished Giclee On Canvas 5x10

Look up and you might find a couple of adorable little cardinals chirping away! Shop these delightful birds and more wholesome holiday art from Cody Blomberg. With metallic foil or glitter accents, these miniature masterpieces catch the light and plenty of attention too! Great for gift-giving or your own festive décor, it's hard to pick just one favorite so display them in pairs or trios for maximum impact.

About the Artist: Cody Blomberg

Cody is an ex-theatre geek living in Seattle, WA. His theatre career was a decade long love affair ending with receiving a BFA in Theatre Design and Tech from the University Of South Dakota. He currently runs a cottage industry and his commissions have included murals, portraits, wildlife art, and delightful pet portraits. In 2012 Mr. Blomberg received the Seattle City Artist Project Grant for his anti-bullying art series. In his down time…he draws.