1818 Farms Cuticle Balm

1818 Farms Cuticle Balm

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The 1818 Farms Cuticle Balm is the product of choice for those who work with their hands.  It is made with only premium, natural ingredients.  Our Cuticle Balm is a blend of Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Carrot and Calendula Extract, and Lavender Essential Oil.

You will love the sleek metal tin packaging of the Cuticle Balm.  The Tin easily drops into your purse or looks great resting on your bedside table.  1818 Farms products are hand poured and hand made in Alabama.  Each of the products features one of our beloved farm animals as its "Cover Guy" or Cover Girl."

This products "Cover Girl" is LuLu.  She is a white Southdown Babydoll Sheep Ewe and is part of the 1818 Farms foundation flock.  LuLu is the most friendly sheep on the farm.  She loves "spa day" at the farm when we trim her hooves.  She recommends using the Cuticle Balm to maintain healthy nails!

Weight .5 oz

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