Savannah Bee Everyday Honey 12oz Gift Set

Savannah Bee Everyday Honey 12oz Gift Set

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The Everyday Honey Gift Set will turn an ordinary day into and extraordinary day! 

Honey for Coffee has now been added to this 12 oz Gift Set. Honey for Coffee is rich, almost smoky notes beautifully complement your morning (or afternoon, or evening) brew.  Light or dark, espresso or cold brew, this honey is made to blend seamlessly with any roast. 

Honey for Tea is said that a cup o’ tea can cure almost anything; it’s even more true when the brew comes with a spoonful of this subtle sweetener sourced from the hills of Uruguay. Try it with an herbal tisane or bold Irish Breakfast, or throw a twist in traditional lemonade. 

Honey for Cheese is great with creamy Brie or an aged Gouda, no cheese board is complete without a drizzle of the sweet stuff. We select our Honey for Cheese for its bright, crisp flavor profile to bring out the tasty tang of everything from mild cheddar to the sharpest Roquefort.

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